Alternative scooters

The Ryno Scooter. 

This thing is amazing. One wheel like its motto says “see roads everywhere.” This thing is insane. You can ride it on a sidewalk, on the street, even in a building. The possibilities are endless. Can you imagine how easy it would be getting around the airport on one of these things! 11 Times more efficient than a car. It is powered by and electric motor and with a top speed of 10 mph it can get you around at a great speed.


The Uno Cycle

Another one wheel, well two wheel scooter. This scooter looks like it has one wheel from the side. However when you look at it from the front it has two wheels side by side. The most amazing thing about this scooter is Creator Ben Gulak created it when he was 18 years old. That is very impressive considering what most of us were doing at 18. The only control on this scooter is the on/off switch. The scooter is controlled by the direction your body leans. Want to go forward just lean that way. want to go backward just lean back. (a song comes to mind) Steering couldn’t be easier. Same concept just lean in the direction you want to go.

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